Sunday, 1 June 2008

Finished pouch and fabric shopping

I've finished the pouch from The Last Minute Knitted Gift book. Its for my daughter and the self pattern yarn has actually turned out quite nice. My Mum didn't believe that I made it as she thought that as a new knitter I wouldn't have mastered the skill of changing the colours and making patterns so soon. She asked my husband, who just laughed, whether I made it and then asked me which Etsy shop I bought it from. I had to tell her that I cheated with the self pattern yarn. Hee! Hee! I love my Mum, she is so cute and fun to tease.

I went to Lewisham to go a fabric shop there with my Mum and daughter on Saturday to see whether they sell the fabrics I need to make the tissue box cover and sewing basket from the 80s sewing tutorials. I have to say that it is not a place to take a 4 year old. There were sharp edges sticking out on the shelves and several huge gaps in the floor. It was very crowded.

The fabric there are not bad and the the prices are very reasonable. However, I still prefer the Wimsew Craft store in Tooting/Balham. The staff are friendlier and I could take the rascal there without worrying that she might hurt herself. I left the shop empty handed and was very disappointed. I will go to Tooting next time.


Helen said...

That little pouch is so sweet - lovely yarn colours. How are you finding the book? I've been looking out for it in bookshops but nowhere round here seems to stock it.

K&S City Girl said...

Hi Helen. As a new knitter, I love the book. The patterns are very simple (except for those at the back)and most of the gifts are functional. I got my book from Amazon in their Summer sale (I think I mentioned it in one of my comments on your blog).

Kyoko said...

Wonderful knitting! The colour is beautiful!
Yeah, I totally agree. Having friendly staff in a shop is very important. I used to buy stuff from MacCulloch and Wallis and some of them are soooooo nasty! So I try not to go there if I can. Have you tried some Japanese knitting books? Some of them are so nice. I will try to post some photos next time!

K&S City Girl said...

Hi Kyoko. I've only been to MacCulloch and Wallis once, on my way to meeting, so didn't have much time there.

I have not tried any Japanese knitting books. Are the patterns simple to understand? I have seen some books on Etsy and they look so lovely, but I can not read Japanese. Look forward to seeing some photos on your blog soon.