Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Time to Move On

It is kind of funny that most normal people start to make changes or resolutions at the start of the year, but I’m a bit slow. It takes me approximately three to six months to decide what kind of changes I want to make in my life. In May this year, I’ve decided to change job. It is not that I didn’t like the company I was working for, it is just that I needed a change in focus and a change of environment. Now, after some thought I have decided to move this blog to another site. The reason for the move is to streamline my blog and my shop, so the name of the new blog will be Intertwined Crafts. I know I have been a bit obsessed with my knitting lately, but this new blog will bring me back to the reason why I starting blogging in the first place which is to blog about knitting and sewing. I might also have a dab at other crafts too, such as quilting and patchwork or printing will be fun too. So watch this space. I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog, but I’m sure you will enjoy the new one too. Please pop over (and remember to change your blogfeed) when you have the time.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Time for some Organisation

Our car broke down this weekend. It has got to a point where I'm starting to see the funny side of things now....really. My husband took Friday off to take my daughter and my Inlaws to Chessington World of Adventures and the car broke down on the way back. I found out whilst having dinner with a friend at Carlucios after work. She asked me why I wasn't bothered about the whole thing and why I was still able to enjoy my tiramisu. Well, I know my daughter will be well looked after as my Inlaws are there, it is most probably the car battery that is causing the problem, my Inlaws live close to Chessington and we have road recovery so it's not much of problem. Anyway, we bought a new battery over the weekend and our car is fixed now.

I have got so much tidying up and organising to do. At the moment, you can find yarn and unwashed/unblocked knitted items everywhere. I still haven't finishing sewing up my garter stitch cardigan (only one side to do) and I still haven't blocked my blue cropped knitted jacket. I need to sort out my book keeping for Intertwined Knits (this is naughty considering I'm an Accountant) and I need to list more items. Arggg....so much to do. Kyoko and I are planning a trip to Ikea one evening. She needs to get some storage for her bread making ingredients and I need to get some storage for my yarn stash and a new clock (yes our old one is broken).
Here is some proof that I really need to start getting myself more organised:
Yarn scattered at the bottom of my wardrobe
Left over yarn on top of my drawers
Yarn still in the bag in need of some storage
Yarn on top of my craft books
Knitted good in need of some washing
I will let you know how I get on.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Relaxing weekend

I'm feeling more relaxed now. I took three days off work last week and the long weekend also helped. My fridge is still not working properly but we are going to get an engineer to fixed it this weekend (fingers crossed it can be fixed). Luckily it was working when I decided to make a birthday cake for my daughter (click here ) last week. I've also been doing some yoga and I managed to convince Jax to come with me. For those who do yoga or Pilates; do you find that it is like having a good massage? My stiff back is a lot better now. The view of the docks while doing an headstand (well attempting to do one) is strangely relaxing.

During this time we went to the Museum of London to see their new gallery.

Such beautiful shoes and dresses. I can only day dream of wearing the brown sequin dress and the golden shoes at my ballroom dance classes.....sigh.....

We said farewell to a neighbour who are moving to North London, if you look closely you can spot her off to do their last shopping in this area. We are going to miss them.

Then over the weekend we cheered Kyoko at the 10k Bupa race followed by dim sum and Hagaan Das.

The last 400 meters towards Buckingham Palace.

Well done Kyoko! Read more about her run here.

So it has been an enjoyable time off.

I can now reveal the secret project/thing that has been keeping me busy lately. Well, I've decided to change jobs. I didn't think it would be good idea to blog about it until I had secured my new job and resigned from my existing one. My new job will still be based in the City and it is still close to both I-Knit and Loop (I had to get my priorities right), it is also very close to the British Library which I'm hoping to visit after work one day.
I hope you all will have a relaxing week/weekend (and enjoy the sun if you live in London).

Monday, 24 May 2010

Fixing Things

Gosh, it has been a while since my last blog post. I've been busing dealing with a few issues over the last few weeks so I haven't had the time to sit down and blog. Well, first of all my fridge decided to break down on the very day we decided to stock up on food for the week (we normally buy as we eat). We had to give the food to my Mum who lives nearby. We then popped over to her place for dinner for the past week. We also fave some frozen food to our neighbours. I'm so glad we live so close to my parents and such good neighbours. We switched the fridge off for 48 hours (as suggested by a trouble shooting website) and gave it a good clean and now it is working now.

Then there was a fraudulent transaction on my credit card of approximately £5,000 ($8,000). It took several phone calls to the credit card company for them to resolve the issue and then clear the payment and fees on my account.

If that wasn't enough, my daughter's optician made an error making her first pair of glasses. Luckily she has been refusing to wear them and we have not forced her to until her next appointment with the eye doctor. I went to meet the store director this morning who has apologised and promised to sort out the problem.

So it has been a little stressful, but thanks to family and friends (and some knitting) it hasn't been too bad. I've also taken three days off this week to relax and hopefully do some baking and knitting.

As well as fixing these things, I have also been mending some clothes and I've started a new project. I'd thought I'd better add some photos to this blog post. :)
New project:

My small haberdashery basket, a present from Gracie.

Mending a hole in my jacket

Have a lovely week everyone.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Eating and Sleeping

I said I was planning on spending the long weekend eating and sleeping, well, that is exactly what we ended up doing. Yes, I said I was joking, but I couldn't resist a lie in and who would refuse good food?

Over the long weekend we went to Bumbles with friends who knew the owner there.

My friend's starter; frog legs.
I stuck to the classic salmon.
This weekend was Jax birthday, so we went on the London Eye.

Followed by a friend's Sashimi and Sushi party (don't worry, I didn't eat a lot of the seaweed, just one or two).
Now, I need to get back to my knitting. I've started knitting something for the shop today, so I better get going.
Have a lovely week everyone.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Busy Week

Oh gosh, I've been so busy this week. Well first of all, I had to make sure that the shop order was knitted up and dispatched. Coincidentally, I had one of the busiest week at work. I've also been busy with something which I can't reveal just yet. It's a secret, but hopefully I'll be able to reveal all soon.

All is done now, so I can relax and enjoy the long weekend (it is a UK public holiday this coming Monday). I'm just gonna eat and sleep. Hee Hee Hee!

Only joking. I'm planning on visiting friends and family and also do some knitting. I've just got the left front and collar of my beige cropped cardigan to knit up. I also need to block my turquoise cardigan so I can start wearing it. Then if I have time, make a start of my Ishbel (from Ysolda's first book). I went to Loop a couple of weeks ago to buy this lovely yarn:

Malabrigo Lace (100% baby merino).

Hopefully, mine will look as lovely as this.

Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

London Marathon 2010

We watched the London Marathon today and we had an amazing time. It was so inspirational to see all those people running for charities. Some were dressed as Rhinos, Mr Men characters and all kind of animals. We were all clapping and shouting the runners' names supporting these amazing people. It was a lovely atmosphere indeed.

There was a man juggling whilst running.....truly amazing!

On our way to the pub we bumped into some friends so decided to have some Sunday roast together. The food was lovely and it was nice to have a relaxed Sunday afternoon chatting with friends and eating some good food. We then went for a walk by the river and look what we saw:

Did someone leave their knitting behind? ;) I've heard of a group of people who knit things and leave them around London, so it could be them. Or maybe someone did leave their knitting behind. What do you think?

Anyway, I have some good news.......I've made my first sale on Etsy. Yay! I was so happy, that I've been telling everyone. :) This month has sure been a strange one, I will talk about this in another blog post.

Have a good week everyone!