Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Treasure Hunt II and a Loopy Lunch Time

The Treasure Hunt for my daughter's birthday party was a success. My friend Alex dressed up as a pirate (which was a suprise) and entertained all the kids and help read the clues. The kids loved the handmade goodies with chocolate coins and were happy that they didn't get plastic bags with the sweets. Thank goodness I had bank holiday monday to recover and clean up the house.

On Tuesday lunch time I went to Loop for the first time. It only took a 15 minute bus journey. It is a lovely small boutique shop with a good stock of yarn, notions and books. The two shop assistants were lovely, helping me find the circular needles and were very friendly. The owner of the shop was looking for antique/vintage buttons (sorry, I was eaves dropping on a conversation on loudspeaker between the shop assistant and the shop owner's Mum). I was impress with the shop, very personal and cozy. Look what I bought (the pink yarn and circular needles):

I'm knitting a little pouch with the circular needles with the green yarn that my daughter chose at the Stitch and Craft Show. I'm not a huge fan of the colour green, but my rascal loves it. I will use the rowan kid mohair yarn to knit a scarf from the Last Minute Knitted Gift book. I willl post a picture of the results once I completed them.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Cockpit Arts - part II

I went to the Cockpit Arts Open Studio in Deptford last Saturday with my husband and daughter. We all had a great time. The rascal was fully occupied with the treasure hunt (I think the jelly beans were a good incentive). My husband enjoyed talking to the designer who made our daughter's lampshade (Lush Designs) and I was busy chatting and admiring all the handmade goodies.

The building looked industrial from the outside, but when you go inside....(sigh) is bursting with energy and creativitiy. I particulary like Bright Ideas, the designer, Lucy, was so lovely and her work is so cute.
I was day dreaming on my way to work today...wouldn't it be nice to have a little studio to make anything I wanted (without worrying about the mortgage) and go to the Laban centre for yoga/pilates. Anyway, here are some more photos:

Just look at the care and attention., by the way he is making violin bows. I shall continue to day dream.......

Note: I been told by my little madam to clarify that she took these photos. I love the photos taken by my rascal, I think they are better than mine.

Donations to China Earth Quake

I've been reading Lisa's blog regarding donations to the China Earth Quake and all the comments. It is so difficult to find words to describe the situation, especially as so many children have been affected. However, I thought I'd write to short post to provide a link to the Redcross who are currently collecting donnations to help the situation.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Treasure Hunt

I went fabric shopping at Wimsew at Balham/Tooting today! Yah! This is what I bought:

What I'm I planning to do with my goodies?
  • Knit my Mum a beret for this winter with the yarn.
  • The buttons were a bargain at £1 for the whole bag, I will definately have a use for these.
  • Poka dot fabric is for next week treasure hunt that we are having for my daughter's birthday party.
  • I couldn't resist the wool mix fabric at £3.50 per metre, maybe a bag?
  • The red and white string is for a draw-string bag which I will make with the nautical fabric for the birthday party goodie bags.

Update: Look what I made in the evening:

These are for next week's treasure hunt goodie bags, all I need now are some chocolate coins. (I still need to sew the buttons on the draw-string bags).

I had some spare time (very rare indeed) and went on a sewing binge. Spent 4-5 hours sewing my socks off. I'm really pleased with the Robot Tissue Cozy, but the Bend the Rule Artsy Clutch went a bit wrong, but it will have to do. I used the buttons I bought today. Still happy that I got a good deal with the buttons. Hee! Hee!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Crafting Tutorials from the 1980s

I've found some old arts and craft tutorials from a Hong Kong life style magazine which is probably from the late 1980s. I use to cut out all the arts and crafts pages but never got around making them. Yes, I know it was almost 20 years ago, but I was only 9 or 10 years old. Hee! Hee! The magazine is out of print now. So does that mean that I could (I mean attempt to) do a tutorial? I guess it is ok? I need to to buy the materials and read through all the Chinese words. I think this may take some time.

Friday, 9 May 2008

The Cockpit Arts

I discovered the Cockpit Arts at Greenwich market where a lady who was selling knitted cushions (and other goodies) told me that where she has her studio. There is one in Deptford and one near Holborn.

So if anyone needs extra workspace and lives in London, this may be a good option as the prices are suppose to be reasonable and there appears to be a lot of support for artist and crafters. I'm planning on going to their open studio day event in Deptford either on Saturday 17 May or Sunday 18 May 2008. It is a chance for the public to meet the designers, their work and purchase some of their products. They also have professional development session which is about £20 for non studio owners such as marketing your products etc. May be worth a look and I will be taking my rascal (I think there may be a treasure hunt for the kids).

Monday, 5 May 2008

Long weekend in Essex & Kent

Yes, I know Essex, actually Southend on Sea may not be the most glamorous place in England, but that is where we (my husband, daughter and I) spent our weekend. It turned out to be very enjoyable, lovely weather, beautiful sea and of course wonderful company. On Bank Holiday Monday we spent the day in Bluewater, in Kent, buying some finishing touches to my daughter's bedroom (a bedguard), she should be moving into her new bedroom tonight (fingers cross). We spent most of the day outside of Bluewater doing this:

There were some beautiful beach huts in Bluewater designed by celebrities. I really love the nautical trend at the moment. I digged out some Ikea fabric I bought earlier which I'm trying to get some inspiration for making something out of it. I'm thinking of a bag. Any suggestions?

I've also found time to finish off my coasters. I bought the fabric from Ikea and my Mother asked me why I didn't sew round coasters instead of a square ones. Well the answer is that I can only sew in straight lines....Hee! Hee! It made her laugh though. Any tips for sewing in curves are welcome.