Thursday, 22 May 2008

The Cockpit Arts - part II

I went to the Cockpit Arts Open Studio in Deptford last Saturday with my husband and daughter. We all had a great time. The rascal was fully occupied with the treasure hunt (I think the jelly beans were a good incentive). My husband enjoyed talking to the designer who made our daughter's lampshade (Lush Designs) and I was busy chatting and admiring all the handmade goodies.

The building looked industrial from the outside, but when you go inside....(sigh) is bursting with energy and creativitiy. I particulary like Bright Ideas, the designer, Lucy, was so lovely and her work is so cute.
I was day dreaming on my way to work today...wouldn't it be nice to have a little studio to make anything I wanted (without worrying about the mortgage) and go to the Laban centre for yoga/pilates. Anyway, here are some more photos:

Just look at the care and attention., by the way he is making violin bows. I shall continue to day dream.......

Note: I been told by my little madam to clarify that she took these photos. I love the photos taken by my rascal, I think they are better than mine.


Kyoko said...

OMG! Deptford is so close to me (like 5-10 min drive). I never knew places like that! Must go! Thank you for the post. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

K&S City Girl said...

Hi Kyoko! The next Open Studio Day is in Holborn in June. I think Deptford will be open to the public again later in the year. Checkout their website. It is definately a good place to visit.