Sunday, 28 March 2010

Knitting at the Ideal Home Exhibition

Another weekend and another visit to an exhibition. This weekend we went to the Ideal Home Exhibition at Earls Court. I met Jax at Earls Court through a friend of a friend in 1995. He was selling burgers there for his summer job and I was at a computer exhibition looking for a PC for my first year at Uni. We discovered that he was studying at the same Uni that I had enrolled on that summer. We then decided to meet up afterwards. We went on our first proper date with at the Ideal Home Exhibition in 1996......oh gosh it has been 14 years already! Such a long time ago. :)

Anyway, it was extremely busy there, especially on the second floor where they had the food demonstration. We saw a demonstation by Aldo Zilli. I'd love to try out his vegetarian restaurant in Soho.
For the first time (that I've been going to the show) they actually had a knitting stand. Yes, I was so pleased to see I-Knit there.

I'm looking forward to going to more exhibitions and shows this year such at the KnitNation Expo at Imperial College this summer, the I-Knit Weekender and the Knitting and Stitching show later on in the year. Hope to see more blog friends there.
Have a lovely week everyone.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Stitch and Creative Craft Show 2010

I've just come back from the Stitch and Creative Craft Show at Kensington Olympia where I met the lovely Ruth (Two Hippos) and Ling (Musing and Doing). Ruth was with her daughter and Ling was teaching people how to knit and crochet. It was good to meet up with fellow bloggers, I've met up with Ruth at I-Knit last summer, but it was the first time I met Ling in person. Here is the photo that Ruth's daughter took (she's gonna be a good photographer):
Ling is standing at the far right, Ruth in the middle and I'm standing far left.

It was very crowded on the train there and more crowed in at the exhibition hall. There was so many people and so many stands. My favourite stands have to be Doughty, Fabric Galore, Millamia and the Knit Box. Millamia is owned by a Swedish lady who designs lovely knitted garment for children. It's just a pity that all her patterns only go up to 5 years and my daughter is almost 6 now. The Knit Box is owned by a lovely Turkish lady who told me that knitters there knit from memory and do not use patterns (they haven't heard of the word gauge). She had some amazing knitted Turkish shoes displayed (sorry no photos, but you may find them on her website).

I bought some 100% merino yarn, some bamboo cotton yarn, one ball of 100% virgin wool yarn, half a metre of Amy Butler fabrics, one button (yes just one) and a fabric marker pen. So I'm really pleased.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

It's Mother's Day here in the UK.
We spent today at Greenwich as the weather was lovely, look at the blue sky:

We then went to the pub to have a Sunday roast. Yum.

Instead of flowers I got some basil to have with some tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil and some crusty bread. All I need now is a tomato plant. :)

We then had a photo shoot for the Audrey Summer Scarflette that I was making and it is now listed in the shop.

Happy Mother's day to all Mothers and I hope you all had a lovely day.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Spring Walks

It feels a lot like spring here in London. The sun has been shining and the birds are singing. :) Last year I started to walk part of the way home from work for some exercise and for relaxation purposes. Now that it is warmer and the days are getting longer, I've started to to do this again. The views around London are amazing near sun set, I must upload the photos from my phone and show you guys.

This week I walked from Barbican to London Bridge passing St Pauls, the Millennium Bridge, the Tate Modern and Borough Market. Last summer they placed several pianos around London for people to play some music (if you can play the piano). I love this city.

I've also been working on some items for the shop, here is a quick preview of one item in progress:

A nautical feel in Navy and White cotton yarn.

I'm also working on some thing for my daughter, although I haven't quite got my head around the design yet.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and for those in London, enjoy the sunshine.