Sunday, 28 September 2008

Childhood Museum and Stitch Club

I've been reading Maria's blog about how her son's friend had never seen a sewing machine before. I guess during the 90s and early 00s many parents would rather buy their children computer games or just let them watch TV. However, I've noticed that during the mid 2000s to date I have seen more parents sewing, knitting and encouraging children to play with hand-made/non-computerised toys. As a parent myself, I do play computer games, but together as a family. I also encourage hand-made toys and crafting, so I think it is good to have a good balance.

I took my daughter to the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green this weekend (for a pinic as well) and it was such a lovely experience. I felt really old as many of the toys such as Cindy (the 70s and 80s type not the modern version), Strawberry Shortcake, etc, were displayed in the museum as retro toys. I also noticed that they have Knitter and Knatter afternoons for keen knitters to get together for tea and 'knit'.

There were also a display of children sewing machines, one which I recognised. My Mum bought me the blue and yellow one when I was about seven or eight. Unfortunately I broke it on day one, which kinds to explain why it took me so long to start sewing again (I started again in my thirties). I also want to share this website with everyone: Stitch Club. Children aged 8 and upwards can learn how to sew. How cool is that.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

6 Quirky Facts

I have been tagged by the lovely Philipa to state 6 Quirky Facts about myself. I was suppose to do this last week, but I got a bit distracted with all that was going on in the Square Mile. So here we go:

1) My job is quite 'quirky'. I used to be an Auditor/Accountant and I have audited some strange clients ranging from rubbish tips (their business was rubbish...get it ;>) to glamous retail stores. I now work in the Technical Department.... you have to be a bit quirky to work there, but hey I enjoy it. On my honeymoon a fellow passenger asked me what I do for living and she laughed when I told her. Well, she said that I am too 'happy' to be an Accountant.

2) I have a love/hate relationship with London Transport. It gets me around London, but at times it really annoys me (to put it politely). I have lots of stories of my travels on London Transport, but I won't bore you...well, last year I got stranded on Chinese News Year's Eve (a big thing as we all have a big meal with our family on that day) because they decided to shut the Jublie Line, and I missed the meal. Boo!

3) When I was small I use to adopt 'Grandparents'. Both my Grandparents lived very far away so I grew up with no one to knit and bake with. So I adopted my friend's grandparents. I have a Granny in Kent who sent me a set of lovely spoons for my wedding. That's why I make sure that my daughter has a good relationship with my parents and Inlaws.

4) I love to sing and I have performed on stage with several Hong Kong celebrities. What happened was I literally climbed on stage voluntaring to enter a singing competition. I can't really sing that well and I came joint last in the competition, which was a bit embarassing.

5) I love the smell of babies. It is such a natural smell.

6) I love Ikea. Could spend hours there browsing the furniture, kitchen ware and fabrics of course.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Knited Cozy for Soup & Strawberry and Cream Scarf

There is a yummy soup shop that also sells the best breakfast in Old Street called Nusa. They have lovely packaging and each year they have a special Winter Soup printed cozy. Last year it was the knitted handmade soup logo which I really liked so I kept them all. They now have the baby bear porridge package which is really cute. I'm looking forward to seeing what designs they have this year.

I haven't been doing much sewing lately, mainly knitting. I found this lovely yarn at the Knit and Stitch Show last year and made a scarf for my daughter. It kinds of reminds me of Strawberries and Cream. What do you think?

Friday, 12 September 2008

Happy Moon Cake Day!

This coming Sunday is going to be the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. It is a time for families to get together for a meal then afterwards there would be plenty of fruits and moon cakes to eat for desert. The children would play with paper laterns and everyone would enjoy the view of the full moon.

Just for fun I thought I'd sew a felt moon cake from this Japanese Craft Book.
My grandparents would make and sell the real cakes during this time, and my uncles still continue the tradition. There are different types of moon cakes, even ice cream moon cakes.

My innocent hats are coming on, I now regret not starting them earlier...oh well I will knit as much as I can and send them before the 17 October. Fingers cross.

Sunday, 7 September 2008


I've been working on my little Innocent Hats and sewing a little something using felt which I will hopefully reveal on the 14th of this month. I've also cut up the fabric for my yoga bag which I have been meaning to make for while now.
My rascal is starting school tomorrow and I have taken the day off tomorrow. So while she is at school, I might have some time to do a bit of sewing.....fingers cross.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Wedding Anniversery

Gosh, time flies when you are having fun. My husband and I celebrated our 5th year wedding anniversery this weekend in the beautiful North Wales, Snowdonia.

We got married on the London Eye. Those of you who live in London may remember the day when the whole of London had a power cut, yep it was on that date, but luckily we didn't get stuck on the wheel. We had a candle lit dinner at the Chinese Restaurant close to the Wheel (now Ozu), the electricity came back within half an hour and everyone was all very romantic.

Anyway, Wales was beautiful, lots of mountains and lakes. The Welsh are also very into their handmade crafts. Their 'love spoons' are beautiful and the different signs represents specific sweet. I also got a receipe for Cawl, which I will try in the winter when it gets colder.