Sunday, 21 September 2008

Knited Cozy for Soup & Strawberry and Cream Scarf

There is a yummy soup shop that also sells the best breakfast in Old Street called Nusa. They have lovely packaging and each year they have a special Winter Soup printed cozy. Last year it was the knitted handmade soup logo which I really liked so I kept them all. They now have the baby bear porridge package which is really cute. I'm looking forward to seeing what designs they have this year.

I haven't been doing much sewing lately, mainly knitting. I found this lovely yarn at the Knit and Stitch Show last year and made a scarf for my daughter. It kinds of reminds me of Strawberries and Cream. What do you think?


Kyoko said...

Didn't know there is such a cool soup place! Wonder if it is open during the weekend..
Nice scarf! Love the shade. You know I should also be using my yarn from last year's Knit & Stitch Show! I feel so guilty... I have two bags of Koigu yarn. I don't know what to do with them!

Anonymous said...

So pleased to see your post. After the shenanigans over in the city last week I was a little worried about you!

Lovely looking soup place. Why are all the cool places in Northish London?

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hiya! Yes it has been a bit crazy in the square mile over the past week. Touch wood, my job should be ok, but our mortgage payments has gone up. I did have an interview at Lehman Bros about two years ago, but I didn't get the job.

Philippa, hope you are ok.

The soup place is really cool, but I'm not sure whether they are open at the Weekends Kyoko. I will ask them tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

The soup cup covers are really cute! Love the scarf too, a little strawberrys and ceam to lighten a dull London day. ps. the bamboo needles are brilliant, would recomend to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully I have been compleatly unaffected. I work in the Canary Wharf area, but for a government agency, so though the madness happened around me. I'm ok.

Like you, my other half considered a post a Lehmans but decided to stay where he was, thank goodness.

Helen said...

That soup place looks lovely! I adore soup - I shall be making lots of batches over the coming months! Did you ever get on to trying the cawl recipe?
The scarf is very pretty too!

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Sorry gals, the soup shop is closed on weekends.