Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Spring Ball and London Marathon

I've been a bit busy socially recently which is why I haven't been blogging....tut tut tut, but I have been working on finishing my Rascal's cardigan. Honest. Well, it started last Friday when I went wine tasting with Gracie at Vinolopolis. I do like my wine/champagne/Cocktail now again, but I do drink sensibily. Heeheehee! According to Grace, I was talking to my cocktail and I remember almost spillling it down myself. Anyway, I'm sure she will tell you a lot more funny antics that I was up to that day. Heeheehee. I highly recomend a visit to Vinopolis when in London.

After having a jolly time wine tasting, we had our company's spring ball the next day at the Dorcester. Nice champange they have...and according to Jackson I slept like a pig afterwards. Heehee. Here is a photo of the both of us on that night.

We watched the Marthon with a hangover on Sunday which passes our road, I managed to take afew few photos. Wasn't it a lovely day? Probably a bit too hot for the runners though. I really admire all the runners, I'm not very good at running, always the last few at the School's cross counting running. Hee! Hee!
The finishing of my Rascal cardigan is coming on slowly. I've finished the collar now, so all I need to do are:
- Knit the two sides
- Sewing up

Hopefully, I'll finish it before her birthday next month.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Colours and First Blogversary

Oh goodness...I've been blogging for just over one year. This blog was started so that I could comments on other blogs instead of lurking around, also to improve my knitting, sewing and photography skills. I have to say that my knitting and sewing have been coming on slowly, but I felt that my photography skill need more improvement. So on my trip to Norwich and I decided to take some colourful photos inspired by Janet Brocket, whose blog have so many lovely photos full of colour (without using Photoshop). I've asked my husband to get me photoshop, but he's been ignoring me, so will have to wait till he has some time to install it for me.
These photos were taken at the French Market at Norwich:
Ripe tomatoes
Liquisious - forgotton how to spell this
I've noticed that other blogs have giveaways for their blogversay, so I will sort something out.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Break

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Break!!

We had a very busy Easter over here. I had written notes of all my plans for Easter, including Easter Egg Hunt with clues and handmade hot cross buns and chocolates. However, there was a change of plan. Instead of clues we had a one where all the kids ran wild around the flat looking for their eggs. The hot cross buns and chocolate will have to wait until my Mum would say......'you don't have to wait till Easter to eat hot cross buns and chocolate'. Hee! Hee! I will try and make some later.
The reason for the last minute change of plans is that Jaxs wanted to take the Rascal and her friends to the V&A Museum to made Easter Egg bonnets. I have never been to the V&A Museum and there is just so much to see. I didn't get a chance to see the hat exhibitions, so I'm planning another trip there in the near future.

Also Jaxs and his best mate planned a trip to Norwich over the long weekend so we all went including my Rascal and De (Jax best mate's wife). We stopped over at Colechester where we visited Colechester Castle and its Park.
Our hotel was right next to Norwich football pitch (yep my Jaxs is a football fan) and very close to Delia Smith's restaurant which had table for that the weekend!!! But we didn't go in the end....again, I must make another trip up there just for Delia.

The next day we went to Great Yarnmouth, the weather forecast mentioned rain at we were prepared to get out brollies out...but it didn't rain. Hooray!! It was a lovely sunny day where Rascal and I collected pebbles and drew pictures in the sand.

The last day was spent in Norwich town centre and a lovely town called Lavenham.

Jarrolds in Norwich Town Centre

The Wonky Art Center in Laverham. We went to a lovely 4 star pub/hotel were we ate cream teas, which was lovely and the shops there were so pretty. Yep.....I need another trip there.

I'm hoping to get some time to do some crafting later on this month and finish the Rascal never ending cardigan. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Last week, everyone who worked in the City were expecting major disruption on Wednesday and Thursday during the G20 Summit. At work we were told to dress down or work at home by the Senior Partner, but a few of us (including me) decided to go to work as usual and wear our normal work clothes. The protesters have a right to put their message (I agree that the banks have been too greedy and are partly responsible for the mess we have at the moment) across peacefully which most of them did, so we have to the right to go to work and not be attacked. They should be sensible enough not to attack innocent people trying to go to work to make a living who are all hoping that they will not be made redundant. My husband told me not to wear a suit but my stubborn side took over and I decided to stand up for my principles.

In fact I had a easy commute all last week, I even got a seat on the tube! A nutter (not a protester) gave me a bit of trouble on my way to work on Thursday, but a police was present later on and then for the rest of the week. At work all we could hear were police car sirens, helicopters hovering around and there was a dummy horse on Old Street. I realised the chaos on Wednesday evening on the news but still wore my normal work clothes the next day which turn out to be relatively quiet in the City.

[Bank of England on Thursday...relatively quite. The protesters only used chalk to write on the wall]

Anyway, enough politics for now. I'm on my Easter break, one week off work...hurray!! I'm going to stay at home and get some sleep. Hee hee hee! Partly true, I'm planning on spending some time with my family and friends.

Check out this Scandinavian website, lovely Swedish handicraft. I found this website at the Ideal Home Exhibition where they had a they had a Stand. I love the hand knitted Shaw.

Have a nice Easter Break everyone!