Friday, 21 November 2008

Debbie Bliss Magazine

I know I'm not suppose to be blogging and I should be focusing on my baking/chocolate making project, but I just can't resist telling you fellow bloggers about a bargain I found today. Most lunch time (when it is not pouring down with rain), I go to White Cross Market near where I work. They have great food there (I recommend the salad, falel and the Italian stall) as well as a discounted magazine stall. Look what I found today for 60p:

The first edition of the Debbie Bliss magazine....the premier issue (Fall/Winter 2008). Inside is packed with wonderful patterns which I should be capable of knitting......yay.....I'm very excited..........I oh do love a bargain.
Now, I have to stop and calm myself down now....breathe......I will have a look at the projects after 6th December 2008....otherwise Gracie will kill me (Hee! Hee! Hee!).

Monday, 17 November 2008

Taking a small break for Simply Scrumblicious and being a 'Yappy'

I'm taking a 'very short' break from this blog over the next two weeks as I need to focus 100% on Simply Scrumblicioius. I don't believe that we only have two weekends left till the Wemake fair. Arggg! You can keep up with our progress on our blog.

On my way home from work today I picked up the London Paper (another free paper provided on the streets of London) to ease the stress of communting home during the rush hour (sound familiar doesn't it). I found another article on Knitting (also on jam making and owning your own allotment) written by Johnny Vaughan (yes the guy from the Big Breakfast). According to this article people in their 20s and 30s are turning into Happy Yappies - Young Aged Pensioners?? I'm typing this wearing my old peach (hand-knitted) cardigan that my cousin made me. Hee! Hee! So instead of going out and wasting money on drinks and clubbing we prefer to stay at home and attend knitting groups.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Knitting in the Metro

On my way to work I always pick up the Metro (a free newspaper provided in the London Underground) to relieve the stress of commuting during the rush hour. Look what I found today:

Photo taken from Today's Metro

A whole article on Knitting by Kristina Georgiou, how cool is that! It certainly cheered up such a miserable start to the week. It promotes knitting and for new knitters and cool patterns on (yes Kyoko the one you recommended). I'm really interested in checking out these website, but will have to resist until the craft fair is over as I really need to focus on my baking over the next few weeks. I have noticed that there has been an increase in articles in British magazines and newspapers on buying 'Handmade', there was an article in the Metro a few weeks ago promoting Etsy.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Unwinding and Starting Again

Remember the beret that I was suppose to knit for my Mum a few months ago? Yes the one that I messed up? Well, I have taken my Mum's advice and I have unwind everything and started again. This time I followed a new pattern from Let's Knit magazine called Renee. You can get the pattern free on their website. The instruction was bit strange as it requires 7mm and 20mm needles. So the base fits snugly whilst the body is nice and loose. This makes the beret nice and light. The good thing about it is that it only uses one ball of Rowan Little Big Wool. I also made one for myself in purple.

My Mum also complained that the handle of my first bag looks too messy. So she taught me how to correct my mistake by:
  • ripping out the seam,
  • make a larger gap towards the top of one side of the handle,
  • turn the end of the two handles so the right sides are facing each other and sew across,
  • turn the handle back to the right sides should all be neatly sewed together
  • close the gap that was opened when top stitching the edge.

It is a difficult to explain so please excuse the inexperienced instructions.

My Mum has agreed to teach me how to sew now...yay! She has refused for 30 years, probably because I broke my first sewing machine....Hee! Hee! Seriously, I think she wanted me to get a career first, but now that I'm a Mother and a Wife, I need to be able to sew so I can mend/make basic clothes at she has agreed. I originally thought of spending £390 to learn, but there is a lot more I can do with that kind of money, so I have decided to buy some books and patterns instead.