Friday, 31 October 2008

Knitting Clouds

My fingers are crossed as I've started my first knitted garment. You may remember a while ago that I have been dithering as to whether I should knit a tiny cardigan for a baby or a slightly bigger one for my daughter. Well, my daughter has won and her cardigan is currently being knitted. I'm still not sure how it will turn out......yep I'm pretty nervous about this project.

I really like this pattern as the border reminds me of fluffy clouds. I better uncross my fingers and start knitting.

Monday, 27 October 2008


Oh dear, I went on a little shopping spree at one of my favourite craft shop this weekend and look at what I bought. Some lining (green and orange), two pretty pink fat quarters, magnetic bag clip, self-cover button, some zips and this pretty buckle/closure. Ohhh...I'm going to fun with these. They have some new quilting cotton in bolts and fat quarters as well, but I resisted.

I really like this buckle/closure. It is so dainty. I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with it at the moment, but it would look pretty on a child's knitted cardian/bolereo. What do you think?

Friday, 24 October 2008

First Bag is Finished

Yay, I've finally taken the plunge and made my first bag. It has taken me a few months. Being a bit slow I found it difficult to understand some of the written instructions in books. So I browes the web and found some really useful 'photo' tutorials by some clever bloggers. I have left a link on my blog as a reminder to myself and also to share with everyone.

Well the bag is from a tutorial by 'Tiny Happy'. Her instructions are very clear and the photos made it easy to understand. I made a few minor changes, such as not adding the button and adding a larger pocket inside with a section for my mobile. I had a few problems with the strap as well, as I thought I try and be clever and see whether there was another way of sewing the straps together which didn't work.
Overall, I'm pleased, considering it is my first attempt. I stole the knitted flower from one of my daughter's hats which I'm sure she doesn't mind. Next time I will use a different fabric, make it smaller and use longer straps. Now that might be interesting.
Now for the Simple Tote, SuperEggPlant has a great tutorial.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Cutting and Buying Fabrics

There seem to be lots of bugs going around; my daughter has been coughing and last night her eyes were so sticky that she couldn't open her eyes this morning. I had to use cool water (which had been boiled) and cotton wool to help her open her eyes. It was quite difficult as she has really long eye lashes, poor girl. She was feeling much better today. I've been feeling a bit delicate recently, but not ill enough to take time off work.

I went to Ikea this weekend and bought some lovely fabrics (see above) which I'm planning to make my first tote bag. I intend to the use the blue fabric on the outside and the cream fabric as the lining. Yep, I know that I have been going on about sewing my first tote bag for a while now but it will get done one weekend/evening when I find the time. I have also cut some fabrics to sew a shoulder bag. All I need is half a day with no distraction to sew the bag together.

I was planning to sew the bags up today, but wanted to spend time with my rascal, so we spent the whole day with my parents, chatting and eating lots of yummy food.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Woolly Hats

The deadline for the Innocent Big Knit is tomorrow and I had to rush to the post office at lunch time to get my hats posted (I didn't use to be such a last minute girl). I didn't knit as much as I wanted. I think I'd better continue kniting these mini hats, so by this time next year I will have lots of them . By the way, the Clover mini pom pom maker I brought from the Knitting and Stitiching Show is so useful, it certainly speeds things up.

Here are some of my favourites modelled by our little Sheep from Wales:

I'm planning on going to Sainsbury this weekend to buy some Innocent Smoothies.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

THE Knitting and Stitching Show 2008

I have been looking forward to the Knitting and Stitching Show for a while now. So on Saturday I woke up extra early to make my packed lunch of baked salmon, corgettes and couscous (sorry no photo as I was so hungry at lunch time that I gobbled it up really quickly). This really reminded me of school trips where I use to get so excited. I would have all my packed lunch ready in one of those retro plastic packed lunch box with a flask of warm drink (yes, I was an eighties child)..... I was more concerned about lunch and getting all my other things ready that I forgot my camera. Opps.

I had arrange to go with the lovely Kyoko who was so kind to drive me there as the Jublie Line was not running (again). We set off early and got there just before 10am, so the timing was just right. The Show definately lived up to my expectation and even surpassed it. I had such a great time, being in a large 'Palace' filled with yarn, fabrics, and such creative people was amazing. Kyoko introduced me to more craft shops in London and facts about yarns and knitting. I'm very keen on learning the magic loop knitting skill. I am also very interested in the Scandinavian yarn that they had and the all the knitting patterns, I took a card and will be checking out their web-site.
(Photo from Kyoko)

My daughter wanted to come with me but I was a bit worried about the amount of people there and I know that it will definately be a long day. So I promised that I would buy her a very special present. She had been asking me to teach her how to knit for a while now, but I'm a bit worried about the sharp needles hurting her and I still think that she is too young. So I bought her a Clover mini knitting tool and a pom pom maker. She was SO HAPPY with her present, I got lots of hugs and kisses from her in the evening. With my help she has made this with her favourite green yarn.

I also bought the first edition of Sew Hip magazine and I had a lovely chat with the Editor about making childrens clothes. I am really inspired to do more sewing now, especially now that I have my ZIPPER foot (yay!) and these lovely fabrics from the Eternal Maker . I met the Mother and Daugther team at a show at Olympia where I brought several of thier fat quarters. This time they have more fabric on bolts, clever girls.

Kyoko and I was SO tempted by the embroidery section and the lovely pattern of mini bettles, bugs and butterflies. I use to do a bit of embroidery at school and I was also surprise to see a stand selling batique fabric which I tried at school as well. There was also a button bank where anyone can fill the jars with their choice of buttons. How cool.

(photo from Kyoko)

I look forward to the next craft fair and the Christmas fairs to come.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Craft Fairs Galore

I remember writing on last year asking whether anyone was aware of Craft Fairs/Exhibitions in London. I didn't get a response so I deleted my query as I was a little embarrased. A year later, I'm much more informed after reading lots of crafting blogs and noseying (is there such word??) around.

I've been informed by Terry Howes (a talented jeweler who uses crocheting techniques to make jewelry, how unique), who has a studio at Cockpitt Art in Holborn, that Somerset House in London, will be holding the Origins Craft Fair for two weeks starting on 7 October 2008. There is an £8 entrance fee though, but I'm sure it's worth visiting.

Also the Knitting and Stitching Show will be starting on the 9 October 2008 at Alexander Palace, which I'm planning on going this weekend. Yay!

On the 6th of December 2008, there will be the Wemake Christmas Craft Fair, where my friend Gracie and I will be selling Homemade Cakes and Truffles. There will be many talented crafters selling their handmade goods. Gracie and I have both been working quite hard doing our R&D for the fair, which is why I haven't been knitting and sewing as often as I should be (my to do list is very long now), but I have one and half weeks off in Christmas to catch up. You can see some photos and read about this on our blog, Simply Scrumblicious.

If anyone is aware of more craft fairs, please share.