Monday, 27 October 2008


Oh dear, I went on a little shopping spree at one of my favourite craft shop this weekend and look at what I bought. Some lining (green and orange), two pretty pink fat quarters, magnetic bag clip, self-cover button, some zips and this pretty buckle/closure. Ohhh...I'm going to fun with these. They have some new quilting cotton in bolts and fat quarters as well, but I resisted.

I really like this buckle/closure. It is so dainty. I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with it at the moment, but it would look pretty on a child's knitted cardian/bolereo. What do you think?


Kyoko said...

Oh, I like the clip too! I have never seen something like that before. What will you make? We should visit Liberty sometime together. Although I haven't been there for a while, I think they have lots of nice things. :D

raining sheep said...

I love the buckle close....tee hee, I have a little sweater that would be perfect. Sometimes those sweaters that don't have buttons do look nicer cinched in with a clip.

robyn said...

That closure would look great on a bolero. Maybe a soft pink purple, or even a light green for some contrast.

Great find!