Sunday, 19 October 2008

Cutting and Buying Fabrics

There seem to be lots of bugs going around; my daughter has been coughing and last night her eyes were so sticky that she couldn't open her eyes this morning. I had to use cool water (which had been boiled) and cotton wool to help her open her eyes. It was quite difficult as she has really long eye lashes, poor girl. She was feeling much better today. I've been feeling a bit delicate recently, but not ill enough to take time off work.

I went to Ikea this weekend and bought some lovely fabrics (see above) which I'm planning to make my first tote bag. I intend to the use the blue fabric on the outside and the cream fabric as the lining. Yep, I know that I have been going on about sewing my first tote bag for a while now but it will get done one weekend/evening when I find the time. I have also cut some fabrics to sew a shoulder bag. All I need is half a day with no distraction to sew the bag together.

I was planning to sew the bags up today, but wanted to spend time with my rascal, so we spent the whole day with my parents, chatting and eating lots of yummy food.


Anonymous said...

Your tote bags are going to look fab, I think I will have to pop over to Ikea.

Helen said...

Aww - your poor little girl. I hope she's feeling better. There seem to be so many bugs and viruses doing the rounds.

I love your new fabric. Happy sewing! I definitely have to schedule a visit to ikea soon to buy some fabric. Luckily it ranks as one of my children's favourite days out!

Things Hand Made said...

Hope you are both better soon. That looks nice fabric from Ikea but I am trying to resist temptation at the moment!

Sarah said...

Hope you're all healthy soon and feeling well and strong to tackle the heel turn - just follow your pattern and you'll be fine :o)

Hannah said...

I love sewing bags:) I look forward to seeing them.
I hope you don't mind but I have sort of tagged you, everyone seems to have already been tagged so I Just linked to you to recommend your blog. You can treat it as a tagging if you want.:)

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hi All! I've been resisting fabric buying for a month, but it all stopped after my visit to Ally Pally. Hee! Hee! Thanks for all your kind comments, both rascal and myself are feeling better now. Also Thanks Hannah for the tag. Much appreciated.