Monday, 30 June 2008

Baby Knits

Everyone seems to be having babies recently. One of my childhood friends has just had a baby girl, who was born last week. I didn't have time to make her anything so I boughter her a baby bottle steamer. I did buy this knitting pattern book from John Lewis a long time ago, but haven't got around learning the patterns.

I may have to ask for help. Also my daughter has made me promise to make her something before I make anything for the baby. Yes, she can get a bit jealous sometimes, but we have been trying to teach her to be more generous. The patterns in the book are for new born babies to 5 year olds, so I may attempt to knit her a cardigan, but with my track record, she is lucky if I finish it by next year.


Kyoko said...

Nice patterns. If you get stuck, you can always ask me. Are the patterns for 4ply yarns? Yeah, everyone is having babies recently! If you can read French (there are some English translations) there are wonderful baby patterns from Check it out!

oge said...

I haven't knitted in a while but everyone seems to be knitting as well :-)have you noticed. Check out blogland. Lets see when you've finished go on

maria said...

Hi and thanks for your comment on my blog. You were my first and I'd only posted for the first time a few minutes before. I would love to know how you found me so quickly. Do you know how I can reply to a comment via e-mail? Also great to find a UK blog, I haven't come across many others.

K&S City Girl said...

Hi Kyoko! Yes the patterns are really cute. I tried one of the patterns, but it went a bit wrong, then I kind of gave up. I must try again sometime. The patterns are for DK 50g (DK means double Knit?).

I might have to ask you. I will text you to see when is a good time, because you must be busy with wedding plans.


K&S City Girl said...

Hi Oge! I will give it another go, the patterns are so cute. I think I may make a smaller baby size first before attempting a bigger one for the rascal.

Yep, everyone does appear to be knitting. I knit because it doesn't make too much noise in the evening.

You should join in too. :>


K&S City Girl said...

Hi Maria!

I found you on 'Creative Reverie's' blog, you left a comment so I thought I'd be nosy and check out your blog. There are a lot of UK bloggers out there.

I'm not too sure how to reply to comments via e-mail. I tend to type comments on my own blog or write a comment on their blog. I'm not whether there is a right way of doing it

Have fun blogging.


Helen said...

those patterns look really pretty - I really like traditional handknits for babies. My daughter always points out how long it's been since I've made something for her if I start crafting for others!