Thursday, 3 July 2008

Yay for the sale....great bargains at John Lewis Habbers!

I had some free time this evening after work because my Mother in Law came to look after Vivian. So I went to catch up with some shopping. I couldn't resist a 'quick' look at the habberdashery department in John Lewis, then I found Rowan Kid Silk Mohair for £3.25! They are normally £7.25, well the one I bought last time was that price. There are A LOT of bargains! This is what I bought.

Now I can make this Beret from Let's Knit magazine.

I wanted to make it a while ago, but thought it was a bit too excessive to pay over £15 in yarn. There are also many lovely fabric in the curtain/home furnishing department where you can find lovely fabric for £6 per metre! I also some found some fabrics selling for £4 per meter. I might go again tomorrow.

Ohhh, so many pretty things I want to make! I need to squeeze some time some how. Wish me luck.

Update...yep I couldn't resist it and went to buy this fabric which was only £6 per metre (half price). I may make something out of this lovely book.


Helen said...

Lucky you! Some great sale finds. I've only used kidsilk haze once (like you, I find the normal price a bit alarming!), and it's gorgeous to knit with. And fabric too - great shopping trip!

K&S City Girl said...

Thanks Helen. I'm trying not to buy too many things, but it can be tempting. Now that it is raining, I think that is a good incentive to start using fabrics and yarn and make things...Hee! Hee!

Anonymous said...

look forward to seeing your beret and what you make with the JL fabric. Thank you for your comment too.

robyn said...

That fabric is lovely I cant wait to see what you make from it.

Buying yarn on sale is so gratifying!