Monday, 21 July 2008

A Flag and A Scarve

We were planning to have a picnic at Greenwich Park on Sunday, but the weather was unpredictable, so we decided to go to the O2 (The Milenium Dome) instead. It was the first day of the Summer of Sport event and there were so many activities for my rascal, such as a sandpit, giant chess board, tennis, hopscotch etc. We also met some atheletes and the best part for me was when my rascal signed the giantic England Flag.

I've started the Airy Scarf from the Last Minute Knitted Gifts for my friend Gracie. Yes, I'm rubbish at keeping secrets, I've showed her the work in progress already. I used the Rowan Kid Silk Spray that I bought from John Lewis. I will then use the reminder of the yarn to knit one for myself. I found this yarn very sticky to knit with. What I mean is that it sticks to my hands and clothes. But its so lovely to feel and delicate. I'll finish it in a few days Gracie if you are reading this.

I also found out why my husband scarve was taking so long....I used 4mm needles instead of 8mm (as stated in the book).


maria said...

Pretty colour yarn. I'm not in knitting mode at the moment. I've started a cardigan in some Noro yarn which was very expensive so I've got to finish it. I'm more if a winter knitter.
Maria. x

Teesa said...

That's a very interesting scarf! I'm sure your friend will like it! I do not know how to knit but will plan to do so some day! Homeschooling in Singapore is not common either. It also meant that children do not attend school at all. When they are of school going age, we just need to apply with the Ministry of Education for an exemption to homeschool. There are less than 100 families doing it and most of them are expats. Having said that, there are also increasing numbers of locals doing it.

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hi Maria!

I knit in all weather, but I have to admit that at 29 degrees (today), I'd rather be at the pool. Unfortunately, I'm stuck at the office, but at least it has air conditioning. I take a long time knitting so if I start now, then it should be finished by the winter.

Noro yarn sounds expensive, I've heard that its Japanese hand dyed yarn? Hope to see the finish product soon.


Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hi Teesa,

I'm a new knitter,so I'm learning as I go.

Home schooling sound interesting, but I very happy with my daughter's school at the moment. The teachers are lovely (they live near to us so I always see them out of the school), and they have more patience than I do. We have an agreement with the shcool to work with the teachers (e.g read and writing at home). But I'm sure that you are doing a great job.