Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Relaxing and Enjoying Life

I'm coming clean and going to explain why I haven't been crafting lately. The weather has been SO lovely and now that it is coming to the end of the school term, there are so many activities to do. We had the school carnival followed by the school sports day. Then I've been going out and having picnics, bbq and enjoying food like this:

Livebait at Waterloo (photo taken by the lovely Miss Grace Lee)

School Carnival (taken on my husband's camera phone)

You've got to enjoy life. Apparently, it's going to be raining soon, so there is some incentive to do some crafting.


maria said...

Hi, we don't live too far away from each other but our weather has not been too fantastic lately.
My little boy had sports day yesterday, they all seemed to have a great time.
I've been doing a bit of crafting lately but never as much as I would like!

K&S City Girl said...

Hi Maria,

I think it is nice to have a break from crafting now and again. I heard that you tend to get a lot more inspiration during crafting down time.


oge said...

Hi Mary

This post made me smile. I haven't been bothered lately for the same reason toooo much sunshine. I woke up early on Sunday just to complete a project I was working on so I could have enouooough time in the sun :-)


Helen said...

Sounds lovely! I am looking forward to a bit of downtime over the Summer holidays. There seems to always be so much to fit in to those last couple of weeks in school. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Things Hand Made said...

Its funny how some weeks it just doesn't happen! Enjoy the weather, not so good here.

K&S City Girl said...

Hi All,

Thanks for the comments. Now that its raining today, I've started a new project. It's fairly basic, so I should be able to finish it in a few days time.