Monday, 7 July 2008

Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday the weekend just gone. I had a lovely day spent with just my Husband and Daughter and then my Parents and Brother joined us in the evening. We took a river boat across the Thames to Canary Wharf to Royal China for Dim Sum (Brunch), then at a short walk around Canary Wharf to digest. We then took the Docklands Lightrail to Greenwich, where we went on the Greenwich wheel and walked around the park which was followed by icecream and tea. We had dinner at home and baked some fairy cakes for desert. So it was a nice pleasant day.

I've never really been the partying, fancy dress, clubbing, drinking type that a lot of my friends do for their birthday. Hee! Hee! So no mad photos to show but pictures of clouds and scenery in London. I didn't have my camera with me, so most of the photos were taken with my husband's camera phone. I will post these later....I'm still working how to transfer his photos onto my laptop.


robyn said...


It sounds wonderful!!!

maria said...

Hi again. You sound like you had a lovely day.
I know exactly what you mean. I've never been much of a party girl either.

Kyoko said...

Hey Mary,
Happy birthday! I have been totally disorganised recently so apology for the late comment for your birthday.
Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I LOVE Royal China. Wesley and I often go there. You know what, I didn't even know there was a Greenwich Wheel. I am so slow. Anyway, I will e-mail you pretty soon to arrange meeting up if you are not too busy!

sweetfuzzies said...

Happy birthday!!

K&S City Girl said...

Hi All!

Thanks for all the Birthday Comments.


Yes, looking forward to meeting you.


Helen said...

Many happy returns! Sounds like you had a lovely day out with your family. And Dim Sum - yum! Lucky you getting such lovely weather too.
Happy Birthday xx