Saturday, 7 June 2008

Oh Dear....

We went to watch Gone with the Wind at the Theatre last night. It will be closing in a fortnights time due to bad reviews which I think is such a shame because I thought the performance was very good. It's not just because I find Darius (who plays Rhett Butler) very handsome (don't tell my husband...Hee! Hee!), but the lady who plays Scarlett O'Hara put on a very strong performance. It is a bit long (over three hours), and I can understand that for some people who did not like the film would complain. But for someone who loves the movie and Vivian Leigh, over three hours is just right. Oh well....nevermind. I only bought a T Shirt and a guide at shop.

Apart from going to the theatre, I finished knitting my Mums beret (not whilst watching the play though). Oh has turned out so small. It was very silly of me to use a different yarn as instructed and also not paying attention to the gauge/tension. Here is a picture of the very sorry looking beret modelled by Pingu. Oh well....I will try again next time.


Anonymous said...

very cute beret! The japanese craft books are very easy to follow as all the instructions are pictorial. Theresa Laskey (hope I have spelt that correctly) is producing a book later this year that apears to be in the style of one, i saw it on amazon uk.
have a great week too.

Kyoko said...

I like Darius too! I think he is cool. Pingu does look quite happy with the beret though. I have you come across Ann Budd's "the knitters handy book of patterns"? It is extremely good. A book called "Knitted Tams" by Mary Rowe was also good.

K&S City Girl said...

Hi Two Hippo (what is your real name?) and Kyoko! Gosh I think there is a common theme here with Japanese Craft and Knitting books. Thanks for all the advice on books and websites. I shall have a look on Amazon.

Kyoko, I'm looking forward to your post on Japanese books. Hint Hint. :>