Thursday, 12 June 2008

Cockpit Art Weekend and Coutts London Jewlery week

Its the Cockpit Art Open Studio again this weekend. This time it will be in their Holborn studio and it will coincide with Coutts London Jewlery week . I'm hoping to go and have a look. I've never made jewlery before, but there may be some demonstrations.

Since I messed up my Mum's beret, I haven't really done much sewing and knitting. I need a kick up the bum to start again. Hmmm....instead I've been doing some pilates, going to the gym and also enjoying this lovely view and weather.

I love this view, it is London and yet so peaceful. There is also so woodland nearby. I will make to the most of this as it is going to rain tomorrow....maybe I shall start knitting again....


Anonymous said...

its great to be able to enjoy a little peace in this mad world.

Helen said...

What a beautiful view! Hope you've had a nice weekend - the rain is holding off for the moment it seems!

Kyoko said...

Exercise is good to clear your mind. I don't do a lot but feels good when I walk my neighbor's dog.
By the way looking at the view, I think I might be living fairly near by!

K&S City Girl said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm not too sure where the rain went this weekend, not a drop.

Yes, the view is very relaxing and it is such a nice walk. I've lived around this area for more than 20 years now. It didn't use to be this nice, but still interesting with it derelict dock warehouse and factories.

Kyoko and Two Hippos, are you both coming to the Wemake fair this coming Sunday? I'm hoping to go.