Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Relaxing weekend

I'm feeling more relaxed now. I took three days off work last week and the long weekend also helped. My fridge is still not working properly but we are going to get an engineer to fixed it this weekend (fingers crossed it can be fixed). Luckily it was working when I decided to make a birthday cake for my daughter (click here ) last week. I've also been doing some yoga and I managed to convince Jax to come with me. For those who do yoga or Pilates; do you find that it is like having a good massage? My stiff back is a lot better now. The view of the docks while doing an headstand (well attempting to do one) is strangely relaxing.

During this time we went to the Museum of London to see their new gallery.

Such beautiful shoes and dresses. I can only day dream of wearing the brown sequin dress and the golden shoes at my ballroom dance classes.....sigh.....

We said farewell to a neighbour who are moving to North London, if you look closely you can spot her off to do their last shopping in this area. We are going to miss them.

Then over the weekend we cheered Kyoko at the 10k Bupa race followed by dim sum and Hagaan Das.

The last 400 meters towards Buckingham Palace.

Well done Kyoko! Read more about her run here.

So it has been an enjoyable time off.

I can now reveal the secret project/thing that has been keeping me busy lately. Well, I've decided to change jobs. I didn't think it would be good idea to blog about it until I had secured my new job and resigned from my existing one. My new job will still be based in the City and it is still close to both I-Knit and Loop (I had to get my priorities right), it is also very close to the British Library which I'm hoping to visit after work one day.
I hope you all will have a relaxing week/weekend (and enjoy the sun if you live in London).


Ling said...

The cake looks absolutely delicious! And well done to Kyoko for her run.

Good luck with the new job. It's always so liberating when you chnage jobs.

Anonymous said...

what perfect shoes to dance in!

Joanne said...

Congratulations on the new job Mary - hope settling in goes well.

Absolutely love those shoes - they remind me of my flamenco shoes.

Kerrie said...

Congratulations on the new job. I hope it gives you lots of knitting and sewing time!