Sunday, 9 May 2010

Eating and Sleeping

I said I was planning on spending the long weekend eating and sleeping, well, that is exactly what we ended up doing. Yes, I said I was joking, but I couldn't resist a lie in and who would refuse good food?

Over the long weekend we went to Bumbles with friends who knew the owner there.

My friend's starter; frog legs.
I stuck to the classic salmon.
This weekend was Jax birthday, so we went on the London Eye.

Followed by a friend's Sashimi and Sushi party (don't worry, I didn't eat a lot of the seaweed, just one or two).
Now, I need to get back to my knitting. I've started knitting something for the shop today, so I better get going.
Have a lovely week everyone.


Ling said...

Yummy food!And Happy Birthday to Jax!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope your DH had a great birthday! How fun to go on the London Eye.

Kyoko said...

OMG! Sushi and sashimi look amazing. Happy birthday to your husband too.
I haven't been inside of London Eye for ages!
chat to you soon!