Saturday, 7 February 2009

Trying to do too much

There is SO MUCH I want to do and make....better make a list:

  • Finish my daughter's cardigan
  • Take some photos of a fellow bloggger's photo cards (I'm struggling due to poor lighting...where is the sun??) that I received during Christmas and to blog about this month
  • Goodie bags for my daughter's birthday in May (I need to plan ahead as I do take a long time to do things)
  • Knit an apple hat for my daughter
  • Attempt to knit some socks with this Harry Potter yarn and with my new Brittany needles both from I-Knit

  • Knit another hat, but this time with this yarn

  • Try making some mittens/wrist warmers (I've drawn up some designs I want to test out)
  • Attempt to make some summer clothes
  • Make my first knitted garment for myself - I'm thinking of making a vest using the Debbie Bliss Stella yarn, but I'm not sure whether I have enough yarn, I might look at Ravely. Also I really like the Bergere de France Cropped Jacket

Do anyone have the same problem?

On another subject; I've been asked by Annie from Overmilkwood to show a photo of the finished hat in my last blog post. However, I was so excited to give it to my Mum (third attempt at knitting her a hat after my previous attempts), that I didn't take a photo of her wearing it. Luckily I asked my hubby to model it for me just after knitting it (he doesn't like wearing hats but I forced him to model it...Hee! Hee! Hee!). The hat looks better on my Mum though, I'll take a better photo once I have finished the blue version and I will model it myself next time.


Things Hand Made said...

not much then! happy knitting

Anonymous said...

Lots of fab knitting! Where did you find the Harry Potter yarn? I have a potter mad child who would love a pair of socks! R

Carolyn said...

I'm in the same boat--so little time!

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hiya All!

The Harry Potter Yarn is from I-Knit London in Waterloo. I'm a Potter fan too.


Kyoko said...

Gosh you are busy knitting lady! :D
Seriously your daughter's cardigan looks fabulous. It looks like it's nearly done!!!!!!
Oh, I have been itching to buy some opal yarn. I want one too♥ LOVELY hat!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What an extensive list! If only we all had more time...

Jackie said...

cute apple hat, cant wait to see the FO...jackie

AnnieB said...

oooh, looks great. that's quite a lengthy list of projects you've got on...if only we could give up the day jobs eh?!

Anonymous said...

hi hope ur doing good on vivian's cardigan not far 2 go am exited 2 see it

love Angie la

UK lass in US said...

My list sounds similar (minus the socks - I don't think socks will ever grace my slow needles...), but I'm thinking that my list should last me for the next decade or so...