Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowed In and a New Hat for Someone Special

On Sunday evening when it started snowing I was joking with my hubby that we will all be snowed in and there will be no public transport to take us to work. Well, that is exactly what happened today. My Mum got totally snowed in so she could not look after my daughter and I could not get to work. This is the first time my Rascal has ever seen so much snow. At lunch time we went for a walk nearby and helped our neighbours make a giantic snowmen. The view was absolutely amazing. Look at the palm trees covered in snow and the statue below looks like it is wearing a hat and a cape.

[knee deep snow!]

Over the weekend I managed to finish a hat (using the lovely yarn from I Knit) for some one special (my Mum), just in time for the snow. I got this pattern from my first knitting book, Knit 101 (Vogue Knitting). It is a straight forward pattern knitted in the round. It's quite a masculine hat, but the size is just right. I might make another one in blue and purple next time.

In the evening I felt like eating apple pies so I made some mini ones.

The snow is melting now...fingers cross the snow will melt and things will get back to normal.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your part of the world lookslovely all blanketed in snow! Perfect knitting weather.

AnnieB said...

great photos - wasn't that snow just wonderful!

love the hat but would love to see it modelled so I can check out the shape - I quite fancy making a nice masculine beanie style for myself

let me know next time you are going to iknit - might be bale to get along too - always love an excuse to go!

Hannah said...

lovely snow photos.
Love the hat - that yarn looks so nice.:)

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hi All!

Yes, we have been deprived of snow for a long time in England and the scenery was absolutely beautiful.

The hat is with my Mum now, I couldn't wait to give it to her....I will try ask Mum to model it for me (or maybe my brother)this weekend. I really like the hat so I bought some more yarn to make another one (this time in blue).

Hi Annie,

Yes a meet up will be great, it would be nice to see you there.
I'm free most Thursday evenings so I'm hoping to go next week too! Let me know if you are free. :>

Have a great weekend all!


Helen said...

Lovely snowy pics! Hope your little rascal enjoyed herself - I know my two have had a fantastic time!

Anonymous said...

Great pics of the snow. I am defernatly going to make an effort and pop over to I knit. My specs came from Boots optitions in Westfield.

Kyoko said...

Didn't you just LOVE the snow? I with it snowed more! I bet your little one was totally excited. What was her first impression of so much snow?
That yarn from I knit looks very nice. What is the name of it? Must go there with you soon! P.S. I am so impressed that you can "just make mini apple pies". I will have to take a deep breath and spend a whole day if I were to do it! :D

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hi Helen,

The snow was a good excuse to have fun with the kids and be child again...

Hi Two Hippos!

It would be nice to meet you at I-Knit. We can all have a mini meet up? :>

Hi Kyoko
I'm not too sure what the yarn is called, but the lable says 'Lang' and 'Maxi'. I've never heard of it, have you? I will show you when we meet up a I-Knit. ;> I will popping down there again this week. Also, I can show you how I make pastry one day.