Monday, 28 April 2008

Work, Rest and Play

I've applied to HR to change my working hours from 9-5.30 to 8.30-5. I tend to be more focused and productive in the mornings, also I'll hopefull miss this:
and this:So I can do more of this:

Hee! Hee! This is my workspace (apologies for the dark photo, its the only time that I get to sew sometime) which is my dining table where we eat, write, browse the web, bake cakes and where I do my sewing. Helen wrote on her blog how her dining table is her workspace and as you can see mine is just the same. I'm making some coasters which I got the instruction from the famous 'Bend the Rules Sewing' book which I'm sure all crafters have on their bookshelves. I have also finished my scarve which I will blog later this week, as I'm having difficulties taking decent photos at the moment.

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Helen said...

Hope you enjoyed your night out the other day - sounds very glamorous!
Wish you luck with getting your job hours changed - I'm sure that 30 mins will make all the difference with travel times and getting more evening time. It's always hard to shoehorn in some sewing time. Good to know that I'm not the only one with space issues too!