Friday, 29 August 2008

Wordle Fun

The Blog World seems to be having fun with Wordle. This is mine:

Gosh, I've been going on about my trip to Sweden a bit haven't I......must be boring everyone. I like the way I have the words 'Started' and 'New' but not 'finished'. appears that I want to start and do lots of new things, but never get around doing them. This is quite fun. Looking forward to seeing more of these wordles on other bloggers sites.


Kyoko said...

Hehe!! that is so cool! I can see you are interested in visiting places because I see lots of place names. BTW Love your cake blog!! Have a great weekend! Big hug.

sweetfuzzies said...

This is fun! I know what you mean about finishing projects. I am exactly the same. That's why I like projects that I can do in one sitting. I'm all for instant gratification!

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hiya! Thanks for the comments gals. Yep, I do love visiting places, I guess it must of started when my Mum sent me away to relatives in the country when I was five...Hee! Hee!


Things Hand Made said...

I plaeyd around with that wordle and made a great party invite. I think its fab and think I might use it for christmas cards!

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hello Joanna.

What a great idea! I never thought about using it as an invites or cards. Interesting. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


Helen said...

This is fun! I love the prominence of 'Hee'!