Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sweden Part I: Gothenburg

Hello! I'm back from my week off and we manage to pack so many activities during this time. My rascal went to the cinema for the first time to watch Kung Fu Panda. She also went on her first holiday to Sweden with my husband, my parents, my brother and course moi. I have an Aunty and five Cousins who we haven't seen for two years. It was so lovely meeting them again and visiting Sweden after more than 15 years.

I have decided to split this post into three parts as we visited three cities; Gothenburg (Goteburg), Jonkoping and Stockholm.

First stop was Gothenburg where my cousins are based where we spent three days:

Salhuhallen Goteborg, indoor market in Kurgstorget

Gotheborgs Utkiken (The Lipstick Tower) and views from the top

Inside a lovely Sweden 'Handmade' shop which also sells yarn and fabrics.

Lisberg Park, on a Dala Horse (the Swedish people makes these by hand)

A Swedish Moose (pronounce as 'elk' in Swedish) at Slottsskogen where they have the largest stuff Whale at the Natural History Museum in the Park

We also went on the Paddan boat trip where, at a two points, you have to sit on the floor so the boat can pass through two low bridge (cheese slicer), the Gothenburg Art Museum, Universeum (not advisable to go in when it is more than 30 degree celcius outside as it has an indoor rainforest) and the open tour bus. Part II will follow.


robyn said...

it looks lovely

your so lucky to be able to see different parts of europe

Teesa said...

Your little girl must be happy to be on holiday! I'm sure you and your family (and wow lots of family members touring together!) had a great time! Looking forward to the rest of your sweden holiday! ^_^

Helen said...

Hope you had a great holiday - it must have been lovely to catch up with your family. Nice pictures! And how did that first trip to the cinema go?

Kyoko said...

Hello and welcome back!
Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. The handcraft shop looks so nice! The photo with the big pony is very cute. Did she like Kung Foo Panda? I love that film! Did you buy any yarns from the shop? look forward to your new projects!

maria said...

Hi, glad you had a good holiday. I would like to visit Sweden one day. Would you recommend it?
The 'handmade' shop looks lovely.

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hi All,

Thanks for your lovely comments. Sweden was wonderful and there is so much I want to share, which is why I have separated it into three posts. I would truly recommend it, in fact I'm going to have a summary in post three where I will write a list of recommned places to visit.

My daughter really enjoyed Kung Fu Panda, it wasn't too long and I also got some guidance from the 'Junior' magazine (an old copy) on how to introduce a child to the cinema. I will try and find a link to the online version is there is one.

Hurrayic said...

Sounds like you're busy and having fun. I've always wanted to visit Sweden. Maybe some day. Thanks for visiting my blog - yes, the pitcher was handblown, a present from a relative. I'll have to start searching for another pitcher - maybe something with more color.

Marina said...

I found your blog by googling handmade shops in Gothenburg.
Do you ny chance remember the address of the handcraft store from the picture? Or at least where it is located approx?
I am a free-lance translator from Odessa, Ukraine and I am fond of ceramics and other handicrafts.
I am coming to Gothenburg next week and at the moment I am trying to find out if there are places worth visiting in terms of finding sth new for my hobbies.