Thursday, 14 August 2008

Sweden: Part III (Final) Stockholm

Stockholm was our final journal before we headed by to Gothenburg to take the plane back to London. My rascal and family decided not to go to Stockholm because they were feeling a bit tired so they drove back to Gothenburg, leaving Jackson, one of my cousin and me to travel to Stockholm by ourselves. I think this was a good plan, as my rascal wanted to go to Lisberg Fun Fair again.

We found out that it was the Euro Pride festival at Stockholm and there were so many 'proud couples' there. We thought we go to Kulturhuset (Culture House - art exibitions) for a coffee and apple cake on the top floor, where we dined with lots of proud people, which was a bit strange but interesting.

We spent our whole day walking around Stockholm (good exercise) passing the Royal Palace, Riddarhuset (Swedish Parliament), Nobelmuseet (Nobel Museum - history of the Nobel Prize), Queen Street, the old shopping street. The next day (we stayed at one of my Cousin's flat in Stockholm) we visited the Swedish Millenium Dome, a market where they sell Flowers and Fruits, and serveral department stores including NK as it was raining.

We then took the fast train back to Gothenburg for our flight back to London.

I would definately visit Sweden again and now that we have done all the touristy things, next time I will visiting more Arts and Crafts places.

Here are some photos:

Swedish Craft Shop

Guards outside the Royal Palace

Fabrics and Fabric Gifts

The Swedish Millenium Dome


Kyoko said...

Yummy fabrics and crafts!! Your post made me really want to go to Sweden.. Next time you go, please can you pack me into your suitcase?

robyn said...

The store looks lovely and it sounds like you had a wonderful trip

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hiya All!

Thanks for your comments. I really enjoyed my visit to Sweden. There are so many arts and crafty things to do as well, which I will leave to my next trip.


Teresa Foo said...

I'm sure you had a blast from Sweden and makes me want to go there too! I will in the future! ^_^

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