Sunday, 6 December 2009

Wemake Craft Fair and I made a Purse

Most of the Jubilee Line was working this weekend and it made our trip to the Wemake Craft Fair, at Chelsea Town Hall, so much easier. Gracie and I decided not to sell any cakes this year, due to personal reasons, so I took my Rascal there to do some shopping instead. The hall is so grand, people must have thought we were a bit strange; I couldn't help taking a photos of the ceiling and my daughter decided to take photos of people's shoes (yes, she did the same thing last year).

We stopped by at Jo, Helen and Florence's stand first and they kindly let us put our bulky coats behind the stand. We also met Lisa there too. Before going to the fair, I've been chatting non-stop to my daughter about them. How they all make lovely accessories for children and the home. So she was a little shy when she met them.

The Make Lounge had a Christmas Decoration workshop on the stage, so my daughter (with some help from moi) made a star out of felt and buttons.

We had such a good day and we bought a few things there this time. My daughter has taken her goodies to show my Inlaws so I will blog about this later with some photos (one of them I will need to make). I was so inspired by what I saw, that I felt a bit bad for taking so long to make the purse that I was working on for a good few weeks now. But, I had some sewing time this afternoon and finished it off and here it is:

Pattern: Kyoko's Cotton and Cloud Round Cosmetic Purse


Anonymous said...

The fair was fun! I went along with J and Miss T who had a ball in the make area. Althoug I did visit Jo, Florence and Helens stall I chicken out of saying hi! Do love your purse, looks great.

jo said...

My how your little one has grown! Love the purse.

Jo xx

Things Hand Made said...

sounds a fab day, now I will grump about not living near london!

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Thanks Ruth!

It was really good fun. We wanted to spend longer at the Make Lounge area as there were so many buttons and felts to use up.


Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Jo,

Yes, my Rascal have grown a bit since last year, but still as silly. :) The purse is one of Kyoko's pattern and I'm happy with the end result.


Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Joanna,

The craft fair was great. Maybe next time you could plan a weekend trip to London and fit in some craft fairs too?


Jackie said...

nice fair, wish i can be there bringing Jayne to join in the fun !

sorri of not replying earlier as we are in japan last week for our year end holiday.

re the Brownies Desaru overseas trip, jayne is 10yr and that was the first overseas trip w/o us :)

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Jackie,

Wow, I hope you enjoyed your time in Japan. Can't wait to see some blog post on your trip.


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Ling said...

I really wanted to go to it but sadly was rather unwell and had tons of things to do. Glad you had a great time. I've been doing a few workshops at the Make Lounge and they've been very good fun.

Your daughter looked like she had a ball! Great ornament!

Kyoko said...

Sounds like you had a such a fun day!
Amazing venue isn't it?
Thank you for making the purse. You have done it so amazingly!


Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Ling,

Hope you are feeling better now. I will check out the Make Lounge, sounds interesting.


Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Kyoko!

Chelsea Town Hall is amazing. It's a lovely place to have a craft fair.

The purse was fun to make and I really like teh end result.