Monday, 14 December 2009

One of my Favourite Places: Greenwich

Did everyone have a nice weekend? I spent Saturday shopping and eating dim sum with my parents followed by Chinese Steam boat at friends in the evening. On Sunday I met up with Kyoko at Greenwich and then spent some time relaxing at her place. My daughter was a bit scared of Kumo and Wata (Kyoko's cats) at first, but she liked them afterwards.

Talking about Greenwich, this is one of my favourite places. I use to go to Chinese School on Sundays where I met Gracie and Big Viv. I got my first job there as a group leader at a summer camp for children. I actually got paid to go ice skating, swimming and on day trips with children, how cool was that.
Greenwich University (Trinity College of Music) Greenwich Park in the background.

Jax and I use to go on dates around Greenwich and we take our Rascal with us now (she loves cycling there). For some reason we like to go through the under river footpath.
Greenwich is also a lovely place to knit for all seasons. In the summer, I like to knit in the park and in the winter I like to knit in one of the cafes (drinking a soy decaf latte).

Not forgetting the lovely Greenwich market that sell lovely handmade goodies. Hee Hee Hee, I sound like a tour guide (I did get an A* in Travel and Tourism GCSE). I haven't forgotten to blog about what we bought at the craft fair, I just need to take some photos in day light. :) Have a lovely week everyone.


Kyoko said...

It was really nice to spend Sunday with you :D
Your little Rascal was super cute. She can definitely come over again to play with Kumo and Wata (they say hi!).
Nice photo of your knitting in a cafe. We should definitely do that :D
Hope you have a nice week too!

Jackie said...

it's great to spend a wonderful time with friend to chill out n sip coffee.

Can i come too ?

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Kyoko,

It was a lovely Sunday wasn't it. :) I will let you know when I'm up for more knitting a chatting, although it will be after Christmas.


Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi Jackie,

off course you can come...hee hee hee. Let me know when you are in London. Do you have knitting groups in Singapore?