Monday, 8 June 2009

Change of Plans

Last week we were planning to watch Star Trek and being a secret Trekkie, I was really looking forward to it!! So we went to the O2 and Jaxs went to buy the tickets. When the film started I noticed the name 'Christian Bale'...hmmm......what is he doing in Star Trek?? Then it dawned on me that my husband had bought the wrong tickets, so we ended up watching Terminator 4 instead. The film was ok, too much action for my liking, the only thing that was good about it was Christian Bale and Sam Worthington. Hee hee hee! No seriously, their acting was good as well as their looks.

Then on Saturday we were planning on accompanying my Dad to buy a new car. However, my Dad's old car was not being itself (I think it is breaking down as it is more than 25 years old) and our car was left at my Inlaws, so no car. Instead we caught the bus to Borough Market. Here are some photos:
At Borough Market we were handed a card from the Crafting Creatures about their Crafternoon that day. My Rascal and I decided to go to the Crafternoon, and we really enjoyed ourselves. My daughter made aPom Pom I tried to do some knitting, there were also felt creature making and cross stitching. We also enjoyed some cake, tea and a live acoustic band playing some great music. This was their second Crafternoon, so it will be interesting to find out when their next one will be.
We then went to the Tate Modern for some exercise........have a look:


Ling said...

What a fabulous weekend you had! I love rediscovering London with the kids.

Joleo said...

I really liked Star Trek -tremendous fun. Hope you manage to see it (although I'm not averse to a couple of hours of staring at Christian Bale...)

maria said...

I would not have been impressed to have had to sit throught terminator!
I saw something on the television recently about the Tate Modern Exhebition, it looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

the craftrenoon sounded fun!

Ali said...

I made it there just before the exhibition ended. Thanks so much for the tip off!

Kyoko said...

Oh, that looks really fun! Look at your daughter's real concentration at Crafternoon! hehe!
The fruit juice looks really nice. It has been really hot these few days.