Monday, 16 March 2009

Cables and more Painting

I have been avoiding cables since I started knitting. A lot of my knitting friends have said that it is very easy, but for some reason it just looks too fussy to me. Anyway, the other day Jackson's Aunt knitted my rascal a beautiful cardigan with lots of cables (will post a photo when I'm at home during the day instead of being at work). Also, after reading Kyoko's blog which have lots of pretty patterns involving lots of cables, I simply had to overcome my fear. So last week I ask my Mother in Law to show me how to knit cables, and it clicked! I can do proper cables and read knitting instructions with them now. Here is a small swatch of our practicing session. Not bad eh...

This weekend, I took the rascal to Greenwich to Biscuit the pottery cafe to do more painting. She painted pretty plate which should be ready for us to collect next week.
Jax is not very keen on kids painting, playing with Plasticine and play dough. To be honest I don't think my parents where either as I don't remember don't any of those things when I was a child. However, my Rascal enjoys all of these things so I have some play dough, Plasticine and paints in our flat so she can be creative and enjoy painting and making things. I've also bought two compact water paints as well so we can both do some painting over Easter. Hee! Hee! Hee!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great cables! I would love to learn to do them - they always look so complex.

jo said...

Your knitting is coming on a trat now. Cables always look so complex to me, I can just about manage garter stitch!

I baked rock cakes which are the kids favorites, I put a hole in the middle and fill it with jam or lemon curd and I need to use up a jar of honey I had bought so looked through my cookery books for a receipe, it was honey cake with lots of flaked almonds on top. Firts time we have had a cake with honey in instead of sugar but it tastes very nice.

jo xx

Anonymous said...

I was definatly a paint, plastacine, play dough kinda girl when I was small.

Still am. it rocks.

Have driven past biscuet in Greenwich quiet a few times now (just when did it open? or do I walk around with my eyes closed?) and have thought how cool it would be to do a tea pot there. Do they even do tea pots, I don’t know.

Glad she is enjoying herslef.

Anonymous said...

I love cables, they were one of the first things I learn't to do. I have ment to contact you and this may be a little late, but we are going to the stitch show this morning.

Anonymous said...

we must have missed you, ended up staying until 3.30pm. next time do e-mail me at Did you enjoy the show? Ruth:)

Jackie said...

i love the cables, u did a good job.

Helen said...

lovely cables!

The pottery painting is a great idea. My children love all the messy crafts too. Have you seen this book?
(sorry for long link!)- my children have been poring over it looking for the next thing to make!

UK lass in US said...

Very nice cables. I think I was actually a little disappointed that they weren't harder to do. I don't think I'll be knitting one of those cabled jumpers anytime soon, mind...

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Hi All!

Thanks for all your encouragement re cables. I'll be doing more practice going forward.


I'm not sure when Biscuit opened. It is such a lovely place and they do have tea pots (two types).


Thanks for the link, I will definatly check out that book.