Thursday, 10 September 2009

Adidas 5K Run

Hello! I'm still here, it's been a bit chaotic at home during the school holidays (hence lack of blog posts during this summer), but now my Rascal has gone back to school I get to have my evening back....hee hee hee.....I'm such a bad mum. I took a day off work this Monday to take her to school. She has been looking forward to going back to school throughout the summer holiday. Her new teacher is lovely and her friends were all hugging sweet. When I came to pick her up from school, she had so much to say, especially about making a windmill form cardboard boxes.

I watched day time TV that day, something I haven't done for a long time. They were talking about children's homework involving making thing out of felt, card boards, fabrics. One of the presenter said that they do not have any of those things at home, she would have to go to Tescos and buy some cornflakes pour it out of the box in order to get some cardboard. I was thinking, I have all those things at home because I like making things (i.e. I'm a big kid). My Rascal and I have is planning on making a jet out of a Dove body wash container, this is our project at the moment.

Back to the main point of the blog post. Kyoko, Gracie and I participated in Adidas 5k Run last Sunday. Kyoko ran for WWF, Gracie for Sparks and I ran for Great Ormand Street Hospital, all for a good cause. Kyoko was very good and completed the run in 26 minutes running all the way. I've been relying on my dance classes (will blog about this later) to keep me fit for the run, and I completed the run in 36 minutes.
I was very dopey that day because we left Gracie behind. Sorry darling, I still feel bad about it. What happened was that I thought Gracie had joined the race already so I thought she'd be at the front of the race. Kyoko and I were keeping an eye out for Gracie, then at the finish line I realised that the race was split into three groups. The group at the front of us were the professional/fast runners, we had got into the semi fast runners group and Gracie was actually behind us in the 35 minutes plus group. Arggggg......I think all is forgiven as she still texts me.

It was such a lovely race, the atmosphere was great, the weather was great, the runners were great and the crowds were great. It was such a great time, here are some photos of the day.

We finished the Run with Dim Sum. Yum....


Sarah said...

Well done on your run!!

Anonymous said...


jo said...

Well done!! I don't think I could run for a bus!

UK lass in US said...

Well done!

We went Camping in the Sequoia Redwoods and King's Canyon (middle California). The Lake picture is of Lake Hume. We camped next to it, but this view was from the Christian camp on the end of it. They've got the best view. It has a cordoned off swimming area, which is great for the kids.

Kyoko said...

This was a real fun event, wasn't it? Surprisingly the day was quite hot. I hope Grace was OK. I am sorry!! Next time we will go much earlier so that we find each other. We must do this again :D